About Us

Our Story

Who-Rae is an exciting consumer products company that partners with the world’s best retailers in their quest for excellence. Who-Rae was founded in 2002, in Melbourne Australia, and today has corporate structures throughout the world.

Who-Rae has a state of the art Supply Chain logistical model to best service its clients internationally and locally by having distribution locations in 10 cities /5 countries.

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Who-Rae has the capabilities to connect with major retailers and business partners seamlessly, through the world’s largest and most scalable information network. We create a frictionless interaction between Who-Rae/Retailers and our supply Chain logistics by using world’s best systems like EDI.

Boasting a team of category specialists, along with world class designers both in licensed and non-licensed merchandise, Who-Rae has a commitment to the growth and development of its people. Who in turn are passionate about product innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Who-Rae is recognized in all major markets throughout the world for its creativity, innovation and outstanding product development across a diverse range of consumer products.

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The Pulse of Innovation

Who-Rae is all about excitement, product and market innovation.