Airbag Statement
October 24 ,2013

Warning! Do not cover seats with integrated shoulder seat belts. For fitment to vehicles with side impact airbags!

Correct fitment of the cover initially is crucial to ensure the safety of the user. Incorrect fitment may interfere with the airbag inflation in the event of a collision. The airbag seam is denoted with an “airbag” label on the side of the cover, this label when fitted should be aligned to the seam on the original seat. Failure to do so may result in interference with the airbag operation. If the seat cover due to age or wear and tear cannot be correctly aligned anymore on the seat, it must be removed from the vehicle and destroyed. The side seams of the cover are not to be tampered with. If the seam has been undone in any way the cover must not be used. Do not attempt to repair the seam. The seat cover should not be used after an airbag has been activated. They must be removed and destroyed. Do not attempt to remove any sewn in labels that are attached to the seat cover. Who-Rae pty ltd makes no representation or warranty that our product will be suitable for your vehicle. If not installed correctly the product may prevent your vehicle’s side airbags operating. This seat cover does not fit seats with integrated shoulder seat belts. Refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s manual to confirm the location of the side airbags prior to installation. The product must be installed in accordance with the essential fitting instructions located on this packaging. To the extent that the law permits, any liability which may be incurred as a result of the use of this product or future use of the product or its components is expressly denied. Who-Rae pty ltd shall not under any circumstances be liable for any economic loss of profits, either direct or indirect or any personal injury claim, or claim for consequential damages arising as a result of your use of the product. The seat covers must be fitted correctly and in accordance with fitting instructions.

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